Kif-Kif x Timber Block

Kif Kif Import focuses on membership in Sustainable Development and on the creation of green products.

Kif-Kif Import was the first importer of fair trade certified furniture in Canada. All purchases are made in a spirit of accountability. Indeed, the wood species are FSC certified, that is Forest Stewardship Council, an environmental label, which ensures that the production of wood or a wood-based product respects the procedures guaranteeing the sustainable management of forests. In addition, the recycled wood, as well as the finish made in our workshops allow us to control the dyes and varnishes used, certified to the best environmental standards.

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Kif-Kif Furnished our Denver Model Home!

The Denver may be one of our very first models created and is still one of our most loved homes today. ❤ Take a look at this Denver – this is our model home in Mirabel, QC, and newly furnished by @kifkifimport!

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