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Timber Block Industry Professional Referral Program

Industry Professionals such as realtors, land developers, architects, and others in the housing industry can enter their homeowner leads in the Timber Block Referral System.

Enter your referrals in a secure system whereby only you and Timber Block can access them.

Our Construction Concierge Service ensures top level service for each and every client you refer to Timber Block.

How the Timber Block referral program works:

Your first step is to click the “Join the Program Today” button above and fill out the form on the next page.

After filling out the form, it will be submitted to and analyzed by our Head Office

After we review your application, we will come to a decision as to whether or not your application is qualified for the referral program.

We’ll send you a referral agreement, and once that is completed, we will give you instructions for how to add referrals to the system, and you’ll get updates about your referrals at every step of the way.

Already a Referrer?

If you’re already registered to the program, you can add a new referral or see the status of any referrals you’ve made in the past.

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