Top 10 Models of 2022 Released!

While our design team is busy working on new plans to release in 2023, we would like to take a look back at 2022, and show you which homes were the most popular on our website! Here are the Top 10 homes of 2022!

10. Sedna – 1889. sq. ft. / 3 bedrooms / 2+1 baths

The Sedna saw a “refurbish” in 2022, and quickly raised the interest of people all over North America. From the Farmhouse Collection, the Sedna won the hearts of many thanks to its charming, stylish, and intelligent design. The cozy layout feels expansive thanks to the well-thought-out floor plan, maximizing space for the ultimate comfort.


See the Sedna floor plan here

9. Riverside – 6480 sq. ft. / 5 bedrooms / 4+1 baths

The Riverside is a brand-new addition to the newly released Modern Mountain Home Collection. It’s no surprise this breathtaking home made the Top 10 list, as this is the perfect example of the ultimate luxury home. The floor plan is a must-see!

Timber Block Mountain Home - Interior Timber Block Mountain Home - Riverside - Inside Timber Block Riverside Back

See the Riverside floor plan here

8. Labrador – 2553 sq. ft. / 3 bedrooms / 2+1 baths

The Labrador model from our Classic Series has been making the Top 10 list for years. It’s the perfect classic home! Ample space, an ideal floor plan for mountain home or lakefront living, the Labrador is always a favorite. You can see the Labrador model at our Innisfil, Ontario location!


See the Labrador floor plan here 

7. Stockholm – 1661 sq. ft. / 2 bedrooms  / 2 baths

The Stockholm model has been a top choice since we first added it to the Classic Series – and for good reason! This home was designed for those who love the classic style home, but with a bit of a ‘twist’. See the plan for yourself!


See the Stockholm floor plan here

6. Denver – 3100 sq. ft. / 3 bedrooms / 3+1 baths

Timber Block IS the Denver. The Denver is one of the first Classic models in history and because of it’s excellent laid out plan, Denver renditions can be found all over Canada and the United States, included at our Mirabel, Quebec and Connelly Springs, North Carolina locations. 

 Timber Block Denver    

See the Denver floor plan here

5. Oakley – 2195 sq. ft. / 3 bedrooms / 3+2 baths

Just released in 2022, it didn’t take long for everyone to fall in love with the Oakley! For anyone who loves the Farmhouse style home, the Oakley will no doubt be the perfect fit. Check it out, plus see the plan!


See the Oakley floor plan here

4. Logan – 4350 / 5 bedrooms / 5 +1 baths

Just looking at the Logan says everything. The Logan is from our Modern Mountain home collection and needs no introduction. Have a look for yourself…


See the Logan floor plan here

3. Dakota – 1930 sq. ft. / 3 bedrooms / 2+1 baths

Another fan fave, the Dakota model has everything. Beauty, efficient space, great floor plan – the works. Dakotas can be found all over the place from deep in the forest to high on a mountain. The Dakota is also from our Classic Series and is also one of the original Timber Block models.


See the Dakota floor plan here

2. Berghaus – 1630 sq. ft. / 2 baths 

Fairly new, the second the Berghaus was announced, people were clamoring. Everyone wanted a look at this Farmhouse design, and it wasn’t long for these beauties to start being built. Not only is it gorgeous, it too has the ‘perfect’ plan.


See the Berghaus floor plan here

1. Eastman – 1657 sq. ft. / 3 bedrooms / 2+1 baths

Once again, the Eastman takes the Top Spot. The love for the Eastman is overwhelming! This isn’t the first time the Eastman came in number one, it’s been number one since the first one was built. 


See the Eastman floor plan here

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