15 Year Warranty On Finishes


Our panelized walls are a distinctive find in the custom wood home industry. They are-to our knowledge-the only pre-finished wall system available on the market. The pre-stained walls will be delivered right to your site. All that’s needed is a final coat to give it your personalized touch!

Pushing the boundaries

Our newest innovation? Extended protection. Most of our exterior finishes are now available with a 15 year warranty! The key to this quantum leap for engineered wood homes resides in a proprietary pre-treatment and top coating combination. Initially treated with a wood preservative treatment, our homes leave the factory prefinished with 2 coats of stain applied at the factory. A third and final coat applied on the job site will determine the feel and look you have selected, guaranteeing lasting value and peace of mind.

Rewriting the book…again!

Continued advancements in processes and formulation have enabled us to produce finishes that protect your home up to 15 years! Building on innovative tradition from our patented building system, and following thorough testing over a 10 year period, we are very proud to present this game changing protection. And it doesn’t stop at this industry leading warranty! In the process of redefining our engineered wood home protection offering, our Art & Design team created a brand new array of rich colors and finishes to choose from! Paired with different base colors and finishes, we now have 9 color options to choose from. This, combined with the 3 profile options and the different surface finishes, you now have 192 different ways to customize your Timber Block home! Plus, with warranty periods ranging from 5 to 15 years, depending on the chosen finish option, you can now enjoy the genuine benefits of wood, without the traditionally related maintenance.

Custom 15 Year Warranty Advantage Article

Our downloadable Custom 15 Year Warranty Advantage Article is a simple reference to give you more information about this incredible service.

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