Green Technology

Being Green

Timber Block takes great care to ensure that its homes are built as efficiently as possible both in its construction processes as well as in the ongoing usage of energy throughout the lifetime of the home.

With about 400% more insulation than traditional log homes, the R-30 wall insulation built into every Timber Block home significantly reduces energy bills. As well, only 40% of each log is used to manufacture our structures, with the remaining 60% used in other home components – resulting in less waste. Timber Block’s patented high-pressure insulation foam injection procedure contains no Ozone-Depleting Substances (Zero ODS) so you rest assured that it is safe for your family and the environment.

Green Home

Net Zero Log Home

Timber Block in partnership with RPT (Renewable Powertech Inc.) can provide a service to deliver a log home that will help reduce your energy bills, if not almost eliminate them. Imagine living in a log home with little energy costs. An energy efficient log home needs a superior thermal envelope (great insulation + a superior seal) which a Timber Block home delivers. One of our green partners can help to take the guess work out of building green and make sure that your additional investment in “green technologies” is a wise one for your location. Find out why Timber Block is an important element of building “Green”. Contact Timber Block and let us put one of our Green Partners to work for you.

R-30 Insulation

Timber Block’s stacked log wall structure provides approximately 50% more insulation than standard homes and 400% more insulation than traditional log homes. With the elimination of “settling” (the shrinking of a log due to moisture escaping) the wall structure maintains the R levels during the life of the product. All of the energy efficiency is realized due to the proprietary formula used in the high density insulation inside every Timber Block log and wall. Log homes that settle can often have problems with windows, doors, interior stairs, etc. and quite often, maintenance will be required. When it comes to R-value, the bigger the number, the better the insulation effectiveness. In heat and cold, R-value helps to reduce energy costs/consumption.

Environmentally Friendly

  • Only 40% of the wood is utilized to manufacture the structure, the remaining 60% is utilized to manufacture other components, resulting in less waste.
  • Better insulation + a near air-tight thermal envelope = better energy efficiency.
  • Low VOC sealant is applied to each log individually (this allows moisture to escape the log while keeping protecting the exterior from inclement weather)

Ecological (Zero ODS – No ozone-depleting substance!)

Timber Block’s unique, high-pressure insulating foam injection procedure contains no Ozone-Depleting Substances (Zero ODS), causing no ill effect to the environment.

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