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From Blueprint to Bliss:

Your New Year, Your New Home!

Step into Architectural Excellence.

You're cordially invited to our exclusive annual plant tour event!

RSVP Fast. Limited Availability.

We are delighted to welcome you to our annual factory event! Come and explore our manufacturing process, meet our experts, and take part in workshops on custom home design. Expect exclusive promotions. Our food truck will be on site to tantalize your taste buds, and we'll share a glass of champagne. We look forward to seeing you there!

Effortlessly bring your vision to life with our ready-to-build plans, meticulously crafted for convenience and style. For a more personalized touch, venture into a customized journey through our bespoke design service, ensuring your home reflects your individuality and preferences.

Our Collections


Discover refined sophistication in our Classic Collection, where graceful designs and enduring elegance come together to create a home that exudes timeless charm and unmatched beauty.



Elevate your space with our Farmhouse Collection—where rustic charm meets modern comfort. Timeless designs and quality craftsmanship for a home that feels both inviting and stylish.



Embrace sleek lines and contemporary allure with our Modern Collection—a fusion of cutting-edge design and functional aesthetics that redefine the possibilities of modern living.



Find solace in the embrace of nature-inspired charm with our Mountain Home Collection. Crafted for those who seek the tranquility and rugged beauty of the mountains in every meticulously designed piece.

Moutain Home




Celebrate the art of craftsmanship with our Craftsman Collection, where every detail tells a story of skill and dedication. Experience the blend of tradition and innovation in each piece that defines the essence of true craftsmanship.

Embark on a journey through time with our Heritage Collection—an exquisite fusion of tradition and modernity. Each piece tells a unique story, celebrating craftsmanship and timeless design to bring a touch of heritage into your home.



We Plan, We Build,
We Deliver

The Timber Block Experience

We offer a comprehensive array of services, from the planning to delivery stage. You can count on the utmost professionalism in all that we do.

What We Provide 

Timber Block has many designs available to help you get an idea of what your dream home looks like. We have several technicians architects on staff who can either modify any of our plans or draw up your very own unique plan, transforming your dreams and ideas to reality.

Custom Dream Homes


Building your own home is both exciting and overwhelming, and we're here to help. In the event you are not using our optional turnkey or partial construction services, our Construction Concierge Service is there to help you with your needs throughout the process. 

Project Management


We go beyond industry standards with either our standard R-30 or optional R-36 wall, a breakthrough in energy efficiency co-developed with BASF. This innovation sets a new benchmark in timber home construction, reinforcing our commitment to sustainable building practices.

Energy Efficiency Solution


Timber Block's Engineered Wall Panels feature cutting-edge off-site construction technology, ensuring structural integrity and energy efficiency. With a seamless blend of innovation and sustainability, they redefine modern building practices.

Engineered Wall Panels


Our new on-site construction system, powered by Walltite XR30, significantly raises the bar on efficiency and sustainability in traditional field construction. This cutting-edge system ensures top-notch insulation, setting a new standard for environmentally conscious and energy-efficient homes.

On-Site Build


Latest Release

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