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Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU)

Accessory dwelling units (ADU) are riding a wave of popularity across the nation, offering homeowners a plethora of exciting opportunities. From cozy tiny houses to charming granny flats and versatile in-law suites, these ADUs serve a myriad of functions, from creating a chic home office to expanding the living space with flair.

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Small Homes.

Huge Opportunities.

ADUs aren't just about practicality; they're an interesting investment venture too! Adding a secondary dwelling to your property can be a ticket to an interesting return on investment (ROI) and a host of other perks. Let's explore the delightful reasons why splurging on an ADU can be a smart financial adventure.

An accessory dwelling unit (ADU) is a small, stand-alone house located on an existing lot with the main house. An ADU can have one or two storeys. ADUs must meet the zoning regulations and building code, and they must receive a building permit before construction.

What is an

Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU)?



Timber Block's ADUs offer unparalleled flexibility, evolving with your changing needs and circumstances. Whether you desire a home office, guest suite, art studio, or personal retreat, our ADUs can be tailored to your lifestyle, ensuring they remain assets for years to come. More than just structures, our ADUs unlock limitless possibilities, serving as tranquil retreats, smart investments, or cherished spaces for loved ones.

In essence, ADUs are versatile solutions, offering benefits that adapt to your unique situation and enhance your living experience. With customizable features and endless potential, Timber Block ADUs seamlessly integrate into your property, elevating both your space and property value while it can also foster stronger family bonds through multigenerational living arrangements, promoting close-knit relationships, shared resources, and mutual support, enriching the quality of family life.

Multigenerational Living


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Whether you can build an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) on your property depends on your location's zoning regulations, HOA restrictions, and building codes. In the USA, regulations regarding ADUs are generally more lenient, while in Canada, several cities such as Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa, as well as the majority of municipalities in Ontario, allow certain types of ADUs. Whether you can build one on your property depends on your city's zoning regulations and building codes. More and more regions have chosen to permit them as they see several advantages. Don't hesitate to contact us now to discuss the feasibility of your project in your area.

Can I Build an ADU on My Property?


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Timber Block's ADUs present a dual advantage for homeowners. Firstly, they offer an interesting opportunity to generate rental income amidst rising housing costs and demand for rental options. These separate living spaces provide tenants with privacy and independence, translating into a lucrative income stream.


Whether aiming to offset mortgage payments, supplement expenses, or build savings, our ADUs contribute to financial stability and growth. Secondly, strategically adding a Timber Block ADU can substantially increase property value over time. With a higher return-on-investment than other home additions, these units expand livable space, cater to changing needs, and enhance marketability, securing long-term value for your property.

Financial Opportunities and Enhancing Property Value


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Timber Block ADUs offer homeowners minimal disruption compared to traditional remodeling or adding onto their primary residences. Constructing a Timber Block ADU requires less time and disturbance, maintaining privacy and lifestyle during construction. This aspect is particularly appealing for those valuing tranquility and seeking to avoid the chaos of large-scale additions.


Our innovative design utilizes a patented panelized system for efficient construction, especially beneficial for smaller properties or those with limited access. By streamlining the building process, Timber Block ADUs reduce construction time , waste and minimize disruption, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience regardless of property size or location.

Expansion Without the Chaos


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Discover our New ADU Models!

Discover our five distinct ADU models designed to suit various tastes and lifestyles. From the timeless charm of the Farmhouse to the sleek lines of Modern architecture, we offer a diverse range of options to help you find your perfect additional dwelling. Whether you're seeking traditional elegance or contemporary flair, our ADUs are crafted with quality materials and thoughtful design, providing both comfort and functionality. Explore our collection today and envision the ideal space to complement your property.

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Browse Our New ADU Collection

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