About Timber Block

More than 40 years of construction history, tradition and integrity is engrained in the team at Timber Block. Timber Block’s parent company was established as a family business in 1977. Success thrived on customer satisfaction, and today, customer satisfaction remains our number one goal.

In 1999, Timber Block realized the potential for improving both the insulation value and reduction in construction time with the log home market, and began working to perfect a proprietary idea to realize these improvements. After 7 years of research and development, Timber Block’s innovative technology was ready for marketization. Hundreds of log homes later, Timber Block continues to deliver quality log homes and in the process, has created many log home owners who have enjoyed their Timber Block homes for years.

Timber Block’s patented system delivers a more ecological and environmentally sustainable product, combined with an insulation value of R-30, unheard of in traditional log homes and certainly well beyond the R-value of the majority of residential projects built today.

Innovation leads to a revolution

Timber Block’s team of professionals offers a product unmatched in residential construction, which provides clients with state-of-the-art, environmentally-responsible technology combined with cost-effective building methods. Delivering stock or custom products, the team at Timber Block works in partnership with you to take your dream, vision and investment and create your ideal home.

Since its entry into the log home market, Timber Block now produces more than 40% of the log homes in its core market due to both the quality and value of every log home produced. The ease of construction, which speeds up the production process, in combination with the superior thermal envelope, which is off the chart in comparison with traditional and log homes alike, provide homeowners with exceptional long term value.

Today, Timber Block’s technology is being applied to contemporary residential projects, which benefit from the innovation built into every home.

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