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PHOTOS: 10 Stunning Interior Pictures of Timber Block’s Award Winning Fairmont

The Fairmont is very unique to Timber Block’s Classic Series. This Fairmont was the first ever built a few years ago – and in fact, it wasn’t even a part of Timber Block’s collection of homes.

An Ontario family had always wanted to build a dream vacation home in Ontario. They had their ideas of what they wanted and when the time came, they were ready to hit the ground running. The Moser’s came to Timber Block, and when they met with our team of designers, they explained to them what they envisioned as their dream home. Together, the Moser’s and our designers ended up with a custom home that was exactly what they pictured.

“We loved it so much….that we decided to turn that perfect custom home and officially add it to our Classic Series, and it became “The Fairmont”. 

The Fairmont is 2334 square feet – the perfect size for full time living or second vacation home. The great room in the Fairmont is nothing short of spectacular as the views can be taken in from almost every corner of the home – including the living room, dining room, kitchen and open loft.  This beautiful classic engineered wood home is truly a dream home come true. 

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