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WATCH: Plant Tour 2024 Highlights!

Updated: Mar 28

The most anticipated event of the year came and went, and it certainly didn’t disappoint,

Over 100 people from all over attended the Plant Tour. All were greeted with beautiful champagne, delicious food, guided tours, personalized visits and one on one workshops with some of the top professionals of the industry.

What's Timber Block Annual Plant Tour Event?

The Timber Block Plant Tour event is an annual gathering where individuals are invited to visit the Timber Block manufacturing facility. During this event, guests have the opportunity to take guided tours of the plant to witness firsthand the manufacturing process of Timber Block's custom homes. Additionally, attendees can meet with experts, including the President of Timber Block, participate in workshops focused on custom home design, and discover the latest models offered by Timber Block. The event also features entertainment such as live music, a gourmet food truck, and champagne, creating a festive atmosphere for guests to enjoy while learning about Timber Block's innovative approach to home construction.

This event was so well received, we can barely wait to do it again - and we want to be sure you’re there. Stay tuned!

Here’s a good look at the day’s events. Enjoy!

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