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How to Choose a Builder That’s Right For You!

One of the most important steps in your home building journey is making sure you have the right builder who is suited for your project. While Timber Block may have turnkey services in parts of Canada and the United States, in most areas, you will need to hire your own builder or General Contractor to build your home. That being said, through our pre-construction services, our Project Managers can certainly vet builders for you, and you can choose the one you feel is best for you. 

So, how do you make sure you are confident in the builder you choose? First, experience. This doesn’t necessarily mean they have to have a ton of experience building a Timber Block (our innovative technology makes our homes a breeze to construct) but within the industry. Also, the builder needs to be very familiar with where you are building.

Even a little bit of research will go a long way. The homeowner should interview builders, and find out their knowledge and understanding.

Other signs to look out for:

*your builder is able to give you insight 

*can offer you options that may save you time and money

*is eager to show you their previous builds, and the quality of builds

*your overall ‘general’ feeling. Going with your ‘gut’ won’t hurt. Communication is key in an important project like this. Ask yourself: ‘do I feel comfortable in asking questions/communicating? Is the builder willing and able to answer these questions?

Searching your potential builder’s website and social pages are a bonus, and you definitely want to make sure your builder comes with quality references. And again, your Timber Block Project Manager will certainly be able to help you ask the right questions and be there for you and your builder throughout the building process. 

Finally, we are often asked: “Can I build the home myself?

It is possible, but they have to have the framing skills to start. A novice consumer may want to handle other trades and rely on a professional to install the home due to time factors and Timber Block’s speed of construction. In addition, having the proper tools and understanding the correct utilization of the crane, directing helpers without knowledge is a recipe for problems. For one day’s worth of contracting for Timber Block field installation, the homeowner generally will opt for a professional builder.

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