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Happy Earth Day! Timber Block Celebrates Earth Day 2024

Every April 22, we all get together to celebrate our planet! Earth Day was introduced to remind us all of the importance of environmental sustainability and think about how we can come together - and take action - to achieve the goal of a healthier planet, and to protect the Earth now and in the future.

“We are proud to be environmentally friendly, using green technology to ensure we are doing our part to maintain a healthy environment for our homeowners, and our Earth overall.” -Timber Block

Timber Block sustainable

About Timber Block and how Timber Block participates

At Timber Block, we set high standards for a brighter future, making sure every home we build is carefully constructed to contribute to a green and environmentally friendly world.

Our commitment to green building practices and sustainability goes beyond construction. We continuously work towards reducing carbon footprints, maximizing energy efficiency and offer solutions to maintain a eco-friendly environment.


Timber Block is GREENGUARD Gold certified. This certification makes sure the products used indoors meest third-party chemical emissions standards, reducing indoor air pollution and chemical exposure. We are proud to use an insulation that has been awarded the Gold certification, the highest level of this certification.

Timber Block Greenguard

In addition, we are proud to say we are extremely aware of less-waste practices. Through responsible waste reduction and recycling efforts, we work minimize environmental impact. Not only do our homeowners build the most beautiful of homes, but they can be satisfied knowing they are eco-friendly as well.

About Earth Day

Earth Day has been celebrated for over 50 years, thanks to Earth Day founder Gaylord Nelson, who – at the time – was a US Senator from Wisconsin. He had the idea following the 1969 oil spill in Santa Barbara.  On April 22, 1970, millions of Americans held demonstrations for a healthy, sustainable environment coast to coast. It immediately became tradition to celebrate and raise awareness of the importance of being environmentally responsible.

Timber Block


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