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Timber Block Review: Building a Custom Dakota

A few years ago, Lori and her husband made their decision: they were going to go ahead and build a dream home on a beautiful piece of lakefront property on land they owned in Quebec. 

The couple took their time, they did their research. They wanted to find the right company that could design and construct a home that was beautiful, of high quality and was sustainable. The pair spent a substantial amount of time researching several different build options, finally coming across Timber Block. Lori says it wasn’t long before their decision was made. “We visited a Timber Block Dakota model and when we walked in we knew it was the one. Once we learned that modifications could be done we were even more convinced that it could become our dream home.”

Timber Block Dakota Exterior

Some of the modifications included the window design, the floor plan was enlarged, and a carport was added. Having the ability to customize their home ensured they didn’t have to sacrifice anything on their “wish list.”

As sustainability was very important to the couple, they took advantage of the R-36 wall insulation option, the 15 Year Finish Warranty and metal roofing. 

Once the design and pre-construction work was complete, they were ready for the wall raising. We asked Lori what it was like to watch the walls of her home go up right before her eyes, “Watching the site go from construction to a home was an overwhelming moment. It was a house in less than 4 hours and made our excitement grow, if at all possible.”

Timber Block foundation
Dakota Timber Block Exterior
Timber Block Dakota Home Exterior

Lori documented their journey, posting regularly on her Instagram page buildingourtimberblock,We started the Instagram posts to help others who were thinking of building a Timber Block home. There are so many decisions that need to made. We wanted to help others with their journey.” 

Now that their dream home is no longer a dream but reality, Lori says seeing their vision for their property materialize is surreal. “After so many years of planning and organizing, our dream home was here. We have been making beautiful memories ever since. We love our Timber Block home.”

Timber Block Dakota Living Room
Timber Block From Loft
Timber Block Dakota Kitchen
Timber Block Interior Dakota

You can follow Lori’s journey on Instagram at buildingourtimberblock. You can visit the Dakota floor plan here.

About the Dakota

Timber Block’s Dakota model is just over 1800 square feet, has 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, and an additional half bath. A fireplace in the living room for comfort, and plenty of living space for family and friends in the living room. There are plenty of options as well, such as a garage and laundry room. And like all of our models, the Dakota can be modified.

To schedule a call or visit with a Timber Block Home Consultant,  contact Timber Block today. 

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