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WATCH: Blowing Rock, North Carolina is Home to the Newest Timber Block Home

Last week was a special day for a North Carolina family as they watched the walls go up in their brand new, custom classic Timber Block home.

This home is so special….it’s located on the top of a mountain near Blowing Rock with almost 360 degree views! Not only that, with the walkout basement (pictured below) this beauty has nearly 4500 square feet of heated floors!

This home also represents just how flexible a Timber Block can be. Not only is the design fully customized to ensure it’s 100 percent how the homeowner wants, but it truly shows you can literally build anywhere. Because of the location, a 4 wheel drive had to be used to get all the way up the mountain. On top of that, because of the size, it came on 2 trucks.

We can’t wait to see more of the views as the home progresses!

The home was delivered in opaque sandstone color but the final color will be a beautiful brown! Once that third coat is on, the wood underneath those 3 coatings will be protected for 15 years under our 15 Year Warranty on Finishes.

Here’s a little peek of the home later on that day….

custom timber block home one day installation

And you’re in for a very special treat….here’s a drawing of what will be one of Timber Block’s most beautiful custom classic home!

Timber Block home design drawing

Stay posted! We will be sure to show you more photos as progress continues! If you’re thinking about building your own home - now or later - be sure to contact us and start collecting all the info you need! You can always contact us HERE.


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