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A Timber Block Custom Belfort Model You Don’t Want to Miss

Timber Block’s original Classic Series is full of gorgeous homes - designed to suit anyone’s wishes and wants! From the smallest of square footage to several thousands, our talented design team has created different collections for everyone across the board.

If you’re familiar to Timber Block, you’ll also know, our designers are more than capable of taking any client’s dreams and turning them to reality. Using their techniques, our architectural technologists are able to modify any design to ensure the ultimate use of space while making sure the homeowner is getting exactly what they want.

Here is a perfect example. This is a modified custom Belfort model. Every single detail in this home was designed together with our team and the homeowner. Please enjoy looking through this gorgeous classic home, and to see the floor plans, click below the gallery!

To see the Belfort’s floor plan, plus the description of the home, head HERE.

About Timber Block

Timber Block has decades of experience in designing and crafting some of the most beautiful homes in North America. With dozens of model home plans of all sizes and styles, plus the ability to modify any plan, or create a full custom design, we have happy homeowners who are happy to share their story. If you would like to hear what our homeowners have to say, head to our testimonials page, or contact us HERE.


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