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A Dream Come True in Ontario’s Muskokas

What started out as a vacant piece of property that sat ignored for years, it finally went up for sale and the property’s neighbors Justin and Dave jumped on the chance to purchase it kickstarting their home building journey. 

“With no plans yet, we started dreaming. We wandered into Timber Block just to kick some tires.”

Justin says when the Milano model went up at Timber Block’s Innisfil, Ontario location, he knew he needed to walk in and see the inside of this gorgeous home. “The house was amazing, contemporary, and something worthy of dreaming about. I never thought I’d be in there making plans to build one!”

Justin said the efficiency of Timber Block, along with the techniques used were impressive. “After paying the deposit, we went off to create and design our very own dream house.”

Dave and Justin are not new to home design and renovation, with plenty of experience renovating several condos. They ended up with several ideas on what they wanted. Justin says the Timber Block design team was amazing at helping them pull the design together.

Building a brand new home doesn’t always come without challenges. In their case, Justin said the problems stemmed from their builder. “There were many mistakes that had to be fixed and we were left hanging at times. Some of the remedies were pricey.” However, he says once the problems were sorted out, the home was complete, they’re living there now and they absolutely love it.”There are so many things we didn’t expect – like seeing stars and the moon from inside because of the amazing windows and ceiling space. Rainbows from the glass on sunny days, the grandeur of the house fitting in so nicely in the trees. We just love it.”

Meanwhile, being a retired realtor and current real estate investor, they were very happy with the home’s appraisal.”Our appraisal was absolutely amazing which had a lot to do with the design and style of the house, along with an amazing real estate market from COVID – which was another thing we didn’t expect. I was thrilled with how it all ended up. It was a rough ride, but we are still grateful we went through it.”

Justin says while there were challenges with the builder, he says he now understands the problems have been sorted out, and doesn’t foresee problems such as these for future clients. He says the Timber Block team was terrific through this whole process. “The best part about this experience was Tamara and Greg. They really stuck by us and went to bat for us a few times. They were truly the saving grace and I’m grateful for them.”

He says there is no question, they are in love with the home and would definitely build again with Timber Block.

Note the beautiful Piper Cub – Justin says he built it 15 years ago and spent 5 years flying it off their beautiful lake, Justin says this is the perfect place for it to rest.

With the mention of the problems with the builder, Home Consultant Tamara Gould says with the launch of our new construction division, there were some challenges. “There are hundreds of moving parts with custom building and it is so important how your team will handle, communicate and overcome any challenges or curveballs. “As Justin mentioned, this is something that he feels has been resolved and would absolutely build another Timber Block home using the construction division.

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