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A-Frame Style Homes: How to Utilize the Extra Space

When clients sit down with their Timber Block Designer, and they have chosen to build one of our homes with our signature cathedral ceilings, we often hear this concern: When building an A frame style home, what can they do to utilized the “added space”!

We talked with Timber Block Architectural Technologist Kate McIntosh. Kate says there is a very big benefit to building an A-frame style home and how it’s essentially built into the trusses. “Normally you would have an attic in that space so this construction style is actually gaining you space vs. a more typical style of construction. With that comes some areas that might seem like they are wasted or unused but in reality because the ceiling actually touches the second floor at the perimeter of the house it’s not completely useable. One main reason we put walls up, usually at the 4′-0″ height, is so that you have something to put furniture up against.”

How can someone use these areas? Kate says these spaces can absolutely be used for added storage. “You really don’t realize how much stuff’ you have until you don’t have places to store it. Things like seasonal decorations or extra bedding/linens for guests.” Kate says you could also use the space for toy storage for kids! “I have also seen small areas framed in to form a little room for pets as well. It gave a great space to put a dog bed, so it’s out of the way but your furry family member also has a place of it’s own to relax.”

Finally, Kate says the most important thing to consider when planning for these small areas in the loft is what would benefit you the most. “Do you like having drawers and shelving more than a traditional closet? Would you rather have it open as a design feature with something custom built for that area or would you like to hide things and put in a small access door instead?”

Here are a few examples of how our homeowners utilized these types of spaces:

About Kate McIntosh

Kate is as an architectural technologist. With the help of Timber Block’s structural team, Kate produces the drawings needed to apply for building permits the construction team will use to build the homes. This includes floor plans, elevations, and any special details that show how something goes together. Kate also walks a client through the design process and works directly with them from the beginning to create their dream space.

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