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Celebrating the Snow with our Favorite Timber Block Homes in Winter!

There's no amount of snow, wind or cold that we can't handle! Timber Block's technological advances ensure each and every homeowner can enjoy the beautiful winter months without having to worry about skyrocketing energy bills just to keep warm. More about Timber Block’s technology below.

With beautiful, sustainable and energy efficient homes constructed in every climate, there's something special about seeing a Timber Block surrounded by a blanket of white, glistening snow. Here are some of our favorite “Snowy” Timber Block homes!


About Timber Block's Technology

A highly energy efficient, eco-friendly home is more important today than ever. Building codes related to wall insulation have went up. Energy costs have risen. Today's homeowner cares about building a sustainable home. It's not only good for you, but will overall save you plenty of money, while ensuring your family is comfortable - year round.


Thanks to Timber Block's patented system building process, we can not only design and construct a high quality, strong, stunning homes - faster than traditionally built structures - but we can make sure your home is extremely energy efficient.


R-30 wall insulation is standard in every Timber Block home. An upgraded R-36 option is available, leading to an even higher level of efficiency. These R factors, combined with a tight thermal envelope (the thermal insulation within the building enclosure, which provides a continuous thermal barrier that minimizes heat flow through the floor, walls and ceiling) results in low energy consumption.

Find out more about us, contact a Home Consultant near you today!


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