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Three Beautiful Custom Homes We Know You’ll Love!

Whether you’re building a classic vacation-style cottage or an extravagant luxury forever home, having the ability to create a custom floor plan that’s right for you is the absolute most crucial part of the home design process.

While Timber Block is known to have some of the most beautiful model homes – of all styles and sizes, many turn to Timber Block to design and construct their full custom home as well. 

Here are 3 custom homes that are completely original and unique to their owners. 

1. Custom Contemporary – Lakefront

This home is 100% custom. Constructed on a perfect piece of lakefront land, this home manages to include all the features of a contemporary design and a complete one-of-a-kind.

Timber Block contemporary
timber block exterior contemporary
contemporary home design bedroom

contemporary kitchen Timber Block

2. Modern, Contemporary and Classic – A South Carolina Charmer

This is another custom design that was created by the homeowner and our expert design tea. Built in beautiful South Carolina, you’ll be quick to find this home is a wonderful mix of classic AND modern with plenty of contemporary characteristics (note the slanted roof, for example.)

Timber Block custom home design
custom timber block home construction
custom timber block master bedroom
timber block custom contemporary kitchen

3. Started with a Monterey, ended with a Custom! 

This is the perfect example of how a model can be just the right inspiration you need. The homeowners loved our Monterey model, but also had a list of requirements to end up with the home they always dreamed of. Note: the Monterey is one of Timber Block’s best sellers in the Contemporary Series, and was the #1 most loved contemporary home in 2019. Not only that, but the Monterey continues to be just as popular so far this year. The model is shown below, along with its original floor plan.

Timber Block Custom Monterey

The original Monterey from Timber Block’s Contemporary collection:

Monterey-NEW (800x518)

You can walk through a constructed Monterey model at our Sales Center in Granby, Quebec. See below for directions and more information.


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