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Building Later? Plan Now! Why Starting the Design Process Early is Crucial

The design process of your dream home. This is one of the most exciting steps in your journey to your dream home. Our goal is to make each step - from beginning to end - as easy and enjoyable as possible, and it all starts with the design process.

Tamara Gould is an experienced Home Consultant at Timber Block's Innisfil, Ontario location. She cannot stress enough how important it is to not stall the design process, but rather begin the design process as early as possible.

Tamara says as a Home Consultant, her intentions are not to "rush" the process in any way, but rather educate her clients on the many factors involved in custom home building. Starting with permits, she encourages you to start investigating ASAP. "Call your local planning department and find out what your zoning is, restrictions for your lot, copy of bylaws and if they foresee any challenges like a variance that may be required or if the Conservation Authority is involved." Tamara says you absolutely do not need to understand it, but rather provide the information to (your Timber Block Home Consultant). These permits can not be granted, nor even applied for, until ALL construction plans are complete. This is just one reason why getting your design process kick-started early is crucial.

As far as whether or not you have your land or don’t, Tamara says that’s just fine. "Once you have decided that Timber Block is the route you’d like to go for your build, and are ready to start the design process, we will get our team onto your project to find out what you can and cannot build. This is a huge benefit when you find a lot you are interested in but are not sure what you can build, or whether there are extra costs associated with lot prep”. She notes sometimes when it's "too good to be true", that could mean the same when it comes to lots. She says the sure way to avoid issues with your lot is to take advantage of our experienced team.

Design Time: Tamara says even though you may think you're ready to go, life happens, and delays are inevitable. "It's so important to not rush design. Give yourself time to discuss changes, look at options, and meet with your Timber Block team. You want to enjoy the process, not rush through it."

Booking contractors: Tamara says it's no secret, the best contractors book first. "In some cases, contractors are booked years in advance. We can not get an accurate cost on your build until the design is complete. Once that happens, it's sent to contractors for pricing. If you're in the middle of the construction season, the return time for a quote can be 2-3 weeks."

Flexible Delivery: One of the many advantages of building with Timber Block is the fact you have your engineering taken care of, but only after your design is complete. "We can pause the build to match with your desired delivery date," says Tamara. "This is very beneficial, as you don't have to rent if you've already sold your house. If it's a secondary home, we can time the project for the very start of the season, or deliver it at the end of summer, which will allow us to completely close it in for winter."

Service: Tamara reminds homeowners that there certainly is a peak season, which can be extremely busy. "I always do my very best for my clients and work around the clock to maintain the level of service you deserve and expect. But it is not just me that is busy, it’s our designers, engineers, the project manager and the suppliers. By starting the process early you will have the team more available to your build and quicker response times." 

To learn more about our design process, or to contact an expert Home Consultant in your area, contact us today.


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