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Five Fabulous Homes Under 1500 Square Feet!

Today, we’re taking a look at some of our favorite homes and floor plans that are all under 1500 square feet.

Let's break them down in style! (And remember, we can build full custom as well. So, if you like the plan or look of a certain home, you can make all the changes you want to make it your own, or bring your ideas to our expert team of designers and let them do the work to create your very own dream come true!)

To get the complete floor plans instantly, click the name of the model. To request a quote or to talk to a Home Consultant, let us know in the comments!

1290 sq ft. 2 bed / 1 bath

1357 sq ft., 3 bed / 2 bath

1420 sq ft., 2 bed / 2 bath

1381 sq ft., 2 bed / 2 bath

1241 sq ft., 2 bed /2 bath

Timber Block is known for building some of the most beautiful homes in Canada and the United States. With dozens of models in several collections, Timber Block offers many styles and sizes to choose from - all of which can be modified to suit you and your family.

Timber Block is also proud to have some of the top designers in the industry, all of which can fully design your custom dream home. Timber Block utilizes state of the art technology to design and build highly energy efficient, sustainable homes. Timber Block is a patented and proprietary product, and is proud to be a partner of Mike Holmes.


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